Watching over your reputation

The loss of confidence in an establishments we trust(ed) or assumed were responsible in the delivery of the service/product we know and want, is all too often reported negatively. Brand reputation takes years to grow and protect and only minutes to lose. The concept of all good practices is to protect the brand/image of our business. Reputation Management is the board's number one overarching agenda, through good governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) in the delivery of what we do, protects our reputation. Compliance, aligned to International Standards, frames, manages and establishes control over the risks we assess/report, strengthening informed decision making and governance within the Board.

Skills Development

The Acuity Group methodology is based on the principle that the client investment should improve the internal capability of the organisation in terms of knowledge.


Effective communication is the process of changing ideas, data and information into knowledge, and is one of the critical means by which we are able.


In addition to implementing Acuity Group services and products, Acuity consultants can be engaged to consult on a variety of related issues including; support for Integrated Management Systems.

Foresight for responsible management