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The global experts in cyber security & risk mitigation

In today’s threat landscape understanding the risks your organisation and customers are exposed to is more important than ever.

Understanding the impact and what you can do to make your organisation more resilient is key to protecting brand, reputation and sensitive customer information. Building a cyber-resilient organisation can be a complex process but it’s not impossible.

Through an unrivalled suite of services, we provide organisations with peace of mind that their most important assets are protected, available and operating as they should be at all times.

With our knowledge, experience and global footprint, we are best placed to help businesses identify, assess, mitigate & respond to the risks they face.

Critical Thinking, Logical Planning

Helping you beat the averages in the new international economy is what motivates us. Our clients understand that risk is part and parcel of doing business. But in today’s changing world, there has never been a more urgent need to be prepared for potentially damaging incidents with actionable plans that mobilise a fast and effective response.

Risk and Resilience is a leader in delivering practical resilience solutions for complex and challenging client requirements. Every day we help organisations develop the competencies, skills and knowledge they need to react and respond to unexpected events.

A services-led organisation with a proven track record in delivering superior Data Lifecycle Management, Data Governance and Cyber Security services to clients worldwide.

Voodoo Technology distinguishes itself from other Data Security companies in the market by providing high-quality, specialised consultancy to its clients and catering to their needs across Governance, Risk and Compliance, Cyber Security, Data Lifecycle Management.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve an international client base in a growing number of industries, delivering a broad range of high-quality solutions, while providing our clients with second-to-none consultancy.

We provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services that address all your data, compliance and security needs.

Transforming your business

Extinction is a natural consequence of failing to evolve. Successful organisations are those in which leaders spot issues and opportunities early and take meaningful action. They also need to be able to adapt quickly and energise people. Maintaining a fit and healthy organisation is vital.

According to Forbes, 70% of leaders who fail do so not because of poor strategies but because they are let down during implementation. Change Specialists provides director level experience, with the passion and skill to really make a sustainable difference for you and your organisation. Our methodology and team have driven some of the most complex and varied change Programmes of recent years with clarity, confidence and to completion with a legacy that exists many years after our hand-over and exit.

Skills Development

The Acuity Group methodology is based on the principle that the client investment should improve the internal capability of the organisation in terms of knowledge.


Effective communication is the process of changing ideas, data and information into knowledge, and is one of the critical means by which we are able.


In addition to implementing Acuity Group services and products, Acuity consultants can be engaged to consult on a variety of related issues including; support for Integrated Management Systems.

Foresight for responsible management